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        "The past does not influence me; I influence it." Talking of history, 1998 is the year, it all started with. It was the year when our collegiate club's footmarks were first imprinted in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), which owns pride & rich history. It was indeed a prospective debut into the global body.

        A communication dated 28th August 2002 from the SAE International, Warrendale, USA acknowledged the continuous efforts & enthusiasm of every individual member in the club by elevating our club's status to 'SAE Collegiate Branch' from 'SAE Collegiate Club'. Since then, our club members have been participating in various events organized by SAE for the benefit of student members and replenishing their knowledge to compete with the modern world technologies & advancements.

        As if the Sleeping Beauty's trance had just been broken, the years 2011-12 saw our club's strength skyrocket to 442 from 114. Just like the strength of our club, our club's activities also matched the expectations of people around by organizing seminars, workshops, lecture meetings & a lot of SAE INDIA events host, Career Start, Treks, Tier II (Mini Convention) and more. The year that followed had more in store, where the Club's strength inflated to 574, making us one of the most active clubs in the South Indian region. Currently, our club consists of more than 600 enthusiastic engineers and along with the club strength, the activities have also kept on improving all the while.

        Our club, over the years, have not only added a bit of splendor to our student members, but has created an esteemed segregation between the ones who prefer to 'display their intrinsic willingness to learn' and the ones who prefer to hide theirs. And when it is a question of mingling together & working as a unit, we 600 odd people contribute every sweat out of us to make it big, setting a benchmark for many.

Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technolgy

Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology.

     The college was started in 1998, with 180 students, 18 staff and 4 branches of B,E.. In a short time span it has grown in size and stature and has present more than 2515 students are studying in 6 branches of B.E., B.Tech., M.E., MCA, MBA, M.Sc., B.Sc.,. To meet the rise in the student's strength, the faculty strength has also risen to 175. There is a good team of supporting staff to assist the departmental work. The college has already carved a niche amongst the public, AICTE, DOTE and the university.


      Situated at Sugunapuram in Kuniamuthur. The campus is 1 km off the NH 47 connecting Coimbatore and Palakkad and 3 km's off the NH 209 connecting Coimbatore and Pollachi. 8 Km's from the Coimbatore Railway Station 12 Kms from the Central Bus Station, Gandhipuram 18 Km's from the Airport And well connected by city buses and mini-buses


* 30.2 acre campus

* Has already more than 4.65 lakhs square feet of building built up for instructional purpose

* There are 45 laboratories catering to various departments.

* 14 computer laboratories with about 900 computers connected in the network with 3 powerful Intel Dual Xeon processor based servers

* Unlimited Internet access to students and staff

* Fully automated and centrally air-conditioned library with nearly 24,000 volumes and 775 periodicals including 401 foreign periodicals, 150 online journals in 55,000 sq.ft. Separate block.

* Very spacious and comfortable class rooms with all facilities

* Separate halls of residence for men and women with all amenities within the campus

* Residential tutors in the halls of residence for counseling and guidance

* A fleet of 14 buses

* Excellent sports field and facilities for all indoor and outdoor games.

* Fully developed Placement Division to take care of Project Placement, Summer Placement and Final Placement


* Effective teaching-learning process and is fine tune by proper feedback

* Regular courses on personality development

* Seminars to improve communication skills

* Ample scope for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities

* Need based and Value added special computer training Programmes in the campus

* We teach the students to be life long learners.

Our Mission

      Our mission is to impart the highest quality of technical education, provide impetus to research and development, foster innovation in the technological growth, encourage entrepreneurship and strive to solve problems of mankind. We also endeavor to embed the greatest values of human life and inculcate the will to attain progress and prosperity in life in socially accepted norms, to remain an asset to our nation and be a part of its pride and heritage.

Quality Policy

     We at Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology are dedicated to provide quality technical education to the satisfaction of all our Customers through

* Motivating our students towards success

* Involvement at all levels

* Continual update of all facilities

* Creating opportunities for placement

* Providing education in a discipline atmosphere

* Quality improvement of faculty